Manon de Ruiter

Manon de Ruiter

Ontspannen bewegen en vrijuit leven

Slow Sports


Voel je je vaak moe en futloos?

Ik help je op een ontspannen manier om weer (meer) de regie over je tijd en energie te nemen, zodat je in balans en met plezier de dingen kunt doen die belangrijk voor je zijn!



Hier hebben we nog een tekst nodig



Hier hebben we nog een tekst nodig



“What Zen means by being detached is not being without emotion or feeling, but being one in whom feeling is not sticky or blocked, and through whom the experiences of the world pass like the reflections of birds flying over water.”
— Alan Watts

Welcome to Great Lotus

We are a Buddhism temple built in 1982 and we are at the service of the community. Come and visit with the monks, attend our special events or just spent a quite moment infront of our Buddha Statue you are going to experience an internal moment of peace and joy.

Our Courses

We gather to make our commitment to become free from suffering, help people with their spiritual growth and provide a safe and friendly space for nurturing holistic well-being.

Beginners Classes


Tuesday Evening

Transforming your life through loving kindness Tuesdays 7.30 – 9pm in the Temple. Suitable for everyone, these classes focus on how to meditate and use Buddhist understanding to solve daily problems.

Hatha Yoga

Including a short teaching, guided meditations and inspiring prayers this uplifting class.
Sunday 10.30 - 11.45am
This class is free.


Family fun with meditations, games, stories and activities. Children will be gently guided in relaxing meditations.
Sunday 10.30 - 11.45am
Class fee: $4


FREE 15 minute meditation in the Temple. Everyone is welcome to join these free 15 minute guided meditations.
Sunday 10.30 - 11.45am
This class is free.

Abbot & Monks

There are several monks reside at Great Lotus. The number of monks are depend on the events or activities of Buddhism and Thai culture ceremony. Occasionally, monks are invited to do the blessing outside their temple some time at residential home or business.